Below are some resources and links that will provide you with more in-depth information and ways in which you can take action:

Take Action Links:

Freedom United’s campaigns, petitions and more!


United Nations Trafficking in Persons Report Data, Analysis and Research (2020).

An Agenda for Mobilising the Financial Services Sector Against Modern Slavery (2021).

The Impact of COVID-19 on Modern Slavery (2020).

Modern Slavery in Industries: United Kingdom Profiles (2020).

Food & Beverage: Modern Slavery Report (2020).

Supply Chain Mapping Explained (2019).

Walk Free Foundation Resources / Reports.

Human Rights Due Diligence (Summary).

Human Trafficking Prevention (2019).

Sitting on Pins and Needles: Supply Chain Transparency (2019).

Finance Against Modern Slavery: ‘FAST’ (2019)

Book Recommendations:

The Truth About Modern Slavery – Emily Kenway.

Stolen Lives – Louise Hulland.

Combatting Modern Slavery: why labour governance is failing and what we can do about it – Genevieve LeBaron.

Slave to Fashion – Safia Minney.

Fashionopolis: the price of fast fashion & the future of clothes – Dana Thomas.

How to Break Up with Fast Fashion – Lauren Bravo.

The Girl with the Louding Voice – Abi Daré.

The Outlaw Ocean – Ian Urbina.