Modern slavery is the act of forcing someone to work against their will through coercion or physical or mental threat and restraining their freedom of movement physically or psychologically. It is when a victim is owned or controlled by an employer, dehumanised and treated as a commodity or property that has been bought or sold. Slavery today involves a number of highly exploitative practices including forced labour, bonded labour or debt bondage, forced marriage, forced child labour, organ trafficking, sex trafficking, state-imposed forced labour and human trafficking to name a few.

Human trafficking is one of the main forms of slavery seen today. Human trafficking is the act of recruiting, transporting, harbouring or receiving of victims through force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability for the purposes of exploiting them into a form of slavery – for example sexual exploitation or forced labour or organ harvesting. Transportation could be across international borders, state boundaries or even between rooms or houses or farms.

Forced labour and labour exploitation involve the control, force or coercion of an individual to perform work.This is serious and high harm, and signs include restrictions on movement, debt-bondage, removal of identity documents, psychological manipulation and threats of, or actual violence. Forced labour may also be imposed by a State or Government too (state-imposed forced labour).

Forced child labour is when any child is forced into a form of slavery including forms of forced labor, domestic servitude, bonded labor or sex trafficking. This definition excludes the 150+ million children engaged in child labour globally.

Bonded labour or debt bondage is when victims of slavery are forced to work to pay off any debts to their trafficker(s). Victims could have to pay off debts through the forms of forced labour, forced organ removal, sexual exploitation etc.

Domestic servitude is when employees working in private homes are forced or coerced into serving and/or fraudulently convinced that they have no option to leave.

Forced marriage is when a person (commonly women or girls) is forced or coerced into a marriage with another without their consent or against their will.

Sexual exploitation is when people are forced or coerced into the commercial, private or online sex industries. Victims (mostly women) are held against their will by force, fraud or coercion and are made to perform various sexual activities in order for traffickers to gain a profit.

Forced organ harvesting is the removal of someone’s organs or eggs for the purposes of selling them on the black market. Some voluntarily participate out of desperation for money; others are forced into it through debt bondage or human trafficking. Some victims are even murdered for their organs; it is an illegal and highly dangerous form of slavery.