About Us

Stolen Dreams is an organisation, working internationally with governments, institutions, civil society and youth to drive action around ending contemporary forms of exploitation (modern slavery).

Our work involves educational outreach projects, advocacy, taking part in high-level policy discussions/negotiations and exercising accountability. Our work has influenced people and policy across the world, including at the United Nations, transforming awareness into tangible actions, mobilising stakeholders.

Recognising intersectionalities, we also work to combat gender inequality, climate change, inequalities and other connected human rights issues. We spend much of our time with organisations, policymakers, experts, academics, writers and educators, learning from the best minds in the world on these issues.

Since our launch in 2017, we have travelled deep into the anti-slavery movement, always learning at speed. Our core aims involve promoting the meaningful inclusion of youth and driving comprehensive, concrete and efficient actions against contemporary forms of exploitation.