Laws & Government

Global government response to slavery in 2018. From the Global Slavery Index (2018 figures). Click the image to visit the Global Slavery Index interactive map.

The ‘Modern Slavery Act’ passed in 2015 helped the UK’s population look out for acts of slavery within firms, day to day amenities and has helped to push businesses to get rid of all slavery within their structure. A special government unit has been put together that is solely dedicated to tackling slavery in the UK. Moreover, this group is also sharing their thoughts, ideas, solutions and tactics with other governments on an international level. Governments need to keep working on addressing this issue, educating people about it and implementing training.



Airport staff in major airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick across the UK have altered their staff training curriculum so that when at passport control, staff/officers ask questions to any children or adults present about schooling life, where they have come from, what they did and other questions that can easily distinguish whether someone is being trafficked or not. The main signs that staff will look out for to see whether someone is being trafficked or not is if that person has minimal possessions, is not being allowed to speak for themselves, lack of knowledge about where they are or where they have been, has numerous inconsistencies within their answers to the questions asked and if that person exhibits unusual fear, or anxious behaviour.