Events Log

November 2020: Ishaan gave a TEDx Talk on the impact that climate change is having on the rates of modern slavery and human trafficking.

October 2020: Featured in a local government social media campaign about the importance of ‘Test and Trace’ and how vital it is to follow COVID-19 guidelines in the UK.

October 2020: A series of speeches given to students aged 11-16 on the importance of being actively anti-racist. Ishaan’s part of the speech specifically focused on the notion that there is only one race; the human race and the science behind the variations of skin tones across the world.

September/October 2020: A series of speeches given to students aged 16-18 on the racist history of the gender binary and how when tackling global issues, an intersection and all inclusive approach must be taken.

September 2020: Published an article for ‘Real She Power’ on ‘Slavery and All-Inclusive, Intersectional Feminism’. It detailed how important it is to take an intersectional approach when tackling this crime and highlighted that modern slavery is a feminist issue as it disproportionately affects women, girls and the LGBTQIA+ community.

September 2020: Youth Ambassador for Real Food Systems; a non-profit organisation that is calling for action to change our food systems to improve and benefit sustainable planetary and human health.

August 2020: Interviewed for the ‘Escape the Boundaries Podcast’ which aired on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor. An engaging, informal conversation with hosts Finn and Livy about human rights, mental health, activism and adjusting to COVID-19 regulations as a young person.

August 2020: Interviewed for the ‘Teenage Take Podcast’ which aired on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Conversing about slavery and human trafficking, focusing on how young people, businesses and governments play huge roles in the fight against this crime.

August 2020: Featured on ‘Saving Jane Fest’ – an event organised by Saving Jane (anti-slavery organisation in the Untied States) for the launch of their new educational app which raises awareness about human trafficking.

August 2020: Featured on Unsinkable Youth (nonprofit organisation) for my work tackling slavery and human trafficking.

August 2020: Keynote speaker and participant for the Teenagers 4 Change 2-week online event. I spoke about how slavery, human trafficking and climate change interlink. The 2-week event was designed to allow a group of teenagers to create and implement concepts tackling plastic pollution in our oceans.

July 2020: Keynote speaker and panelist at ‘London Climate Action Week: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Virtual Summit’ – discussing Global Goal 1: No Poverty and Global Goal 13: Climate Action in relation to modern slavery, human trafficking and the rates of exploitation.

July 2020: Collaboration with Platform Inspires for a YouTube interview with Worldy Wise and four other young change makers regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement.

June 2020: Interviewed for a Canadian based YouTube series called ‘Mission Empower’ which talks to young change makers about their activism journey.

June 2020: Interviewed for the ‘Stories of Us’ podcast which is a student led initiative in the United States but airs globally.

May 2020: Interviewed for the British Asian Women’s Magazine Podcast (May Episode).

May 2020: Interviewed for the Purple Space Podcast series about changemakers.

May 2020: Had a series written by me for the ‘Young Change Makers’ column in ‘The School Social’ magazine which is distributed online and based in India.

April 2020: Launched my very own podcast ‘Hand Gel For Humanity’ on SoundCloud and YouTube.

April 2020: Research document published in the school’s Economics magazine ‘Equilibrium’ on: ‘The Economics of Supply Chain Slavery in the Fashion Industry’.

April 2020: Participant in the International Justice Mission’s ‘Slave Free Lent’ campaign.

March 2020: Invited to speak at the UK Houses of Parliament, to the House of Commons for an International Women’s Day Debate on gender equality and freedom from the constraints of toxic masculinity. I was the youngest speaker of 20 speakers who were all experts in their fields from social media influencers to news personalities and entrepreneurs.

March 2020: Interviewed for an article by ‘InFocus’ on sustainability.

March 2020: Helped my school achieve the Green Flag – the highest honour awarded by ‘Eco Schools’.

March 2020: Speech to children aged 11-18 on slavery and human trafficking today.

March 2020: Initiated and spoke on a panel with 5 people from 5 different faiths with an aim to promote religious harmony and showcase diversity.

February 2020: Speech to children aged 13-16 on International Red Hand Day and the issue of child soldiers. Informing children about this issue and also giving them tangible calls to action.

February 2020: Interviewed on London Live News for my anti-slavery efforts and winning a Global Youth Award.

February 2020: Speech to children aged 13-16 on the topic of climate change and the crucial role we as global citizens play to help tackle this crisis.

January 2020: Official Ambassador for the United Nations Together Band campaign for Sustainable Development Goal 8: ‘Sustainable Development and Economic Growth’.

January 2020: Featured as a ‘Green Leader’ for my conservation work as a part of Groundwork Youth’s community engagement branch.

December 2019: Invited to do a performance art piece on modern slavery. I did a creative, interactive piece at the Mall Galleries on ‘Freedom: What Does it Mean to You?’ as a part of a charity fundraising gala for UK Youth.

December 2019: Speech to 6th Form students on climate change and how we as global citizens can play a part in tackling this crisis.

November 2019: Speech to children aged 7-11 on the topic of modern slavery and human trafficking, urging them as consumers to take action.

November 2019: Speech to children aged 13-16 on the topic of ‘Role Models’.

November 2019: Speech to children aged 13-16 on the topic of ‘Gratitude’.

August 2019: Research document on anti-slavery policy in the UK published in the school’s ‘Law Review’ magazine.

October 2019: Invited to speak at a Super Sisters event on the topic of ‘Religious Harmony’ to community leaders, politicians, adults and children.

October 2019: Recipient of a Global Youth Award for ‘Empowering Leadership’ and my work on tackling slavery today.

September 2019: Official member of Barnet Youth Council.

September 2019: Speech to children aged 11-18 on the importance of service to others.

July 2019: My anti-slavery efforts were spotlighted by Shiva Foundation during their social media campaign highlighting those who are tackling modern slavery and human trafficking.

April 2019: Participant in the International Justice Mission’s ‘Slave Free Lent’ campaign.

March 2019: Invited to take part in Youth Underground’s (Swiss based anti-trafficking organisation) social media campaign about ‘Freedom’.

February 2019: Speech to children aged 7-11 on the topic of ‘Plastic Pollution’, giving the children information about how this issue affects us but also how we can each play a part in tackling this.

January 2019: Invited to be part of an anti-human trafficking social media campaign with Youth Underground (a Switzerland based anti-trafficking organisation).

November 2018: I did a sponsored 72-hour silence during school time to raise money for Keech Hospice Care. Managed to raise over £3,000; extremely grateful.

July 2018: Recipient of an ‘Integrity’ award for my character and social impact work.

April 2018: Speech to children aged 11-18 on the topic of selflessness and service to others.

March 2018: Interviewed on ‘The Trafficking Dispatch’ Podcast which raises awareness about human trafficking to university students in America.

June 2017: Recipient of an Economics Award for the establishment of my website and work tackling modern slavery.

March 2017: Speech to the school Governors on modern slavery and human trafficking.

March 2017: Stolen Dreams went live.