Spotting the Signs

Slavery is a crime that can be hidden in plain sight. It could be happening on your high-street, in your offices or even at school and you would not even notice it. So how can we become more aware and spot the signs of slavery and human trafficking? 

A person or group of people that:

  • Look under the control of someone else.
  • Reluctant to interact with others or talk to others.
  • Looks frightened, reluctant, or is showing signs of physical or psychological abuse.
  • Looks physically unhealthy such as tired, dirty, wears the same clothes every day.
  • Minimal personal belongings.
  • No ID on them such as passport, driving license etc.
  • May not be able to move around freely.
  • Dropped off/picked up for “work” in the same way every day, especially at obscure times of the day such as very early or late at night.


How do you respond if you think slavery is occurring?