Sexual Exploitation

Sex slavery and trafficking is the exploitation of individuals nationally and internationally for the purposes of forced sex labour. This includes forcing women and children into prostitution in brothels, private household sex slavery and pornography. This also involved the exploitation of adults and children online for sex. Annually, the British Government estimates that between 600,000 to 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked in and out of the UK. Across the Nepal – India border, thousands of women and girls are trafficked for sex. In China, due to a shortage of women, girls are trafficked into regions for the purposes of forced marriage. Sex trafficking and exploitation is a global issue.

99% of survivors exploited for sex are women or girls. 50% of children who are sexually exploited are boys. The average age for someone to enter the sex industry is 13, many of which are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children.