My Journey

Since having that awakening, that moment of realisation, that moment of being exposed to the horrors of the world, that moment when I found out that children just like me were being forced into slavery and trafficked – I have been motivated to play a part in the solution to end human trafficking and slavery today. 

After learning about such a widespread issue affecting people of all genders, ages, castes, I have been taken on a journey. I have found my purpose in this world and I have been led down a path that I would never have seen myself going down prior to 2016. 

Hence, during my (ongoing) journey, I have encountered and embraced a wide variety of tools, skills, knowledge which have all played pivotal roles in my journey. And it is these stories, these tales, these moments in my life which I would like to share with you all. 

I hope you enjoy these short tales about my life-changing journey and I hope that from each post I write, you can relate to it and take something away from it, no matter how big or small. Happy reading!