About Us

About Us:

We are a UK-based anti-slavery organisation that operates internationally. We work with schools, local governments and businesses to help drive positive action around ending modern slavery. This involves educational outreach projects, developing prevention strategies, ensuring survivors are protected and holding both governments and companies to account. Our work has influenced people across the world in 6 continents to transform awareness into action, mobilising individuals in the fight against this heinous crime. Our work has also helped to address a variety of interlinked issues including tackling poverty, climate change, lack of access to education and gender inequality. Stolen Dreams is taking action to ensure that every human being has access to basic human rights.

About Our Founder:

Our founder, Ishaan Shah, is a 17-year-old award winning intersectional human rights activist from the UK. He is currently in his last year of school before heading to university to read International Relations. In 2016, he founded Stolen Dreams, with a vision of the organisation to act as a bridge between young people and some of the greatest human rights issues of our time. Ishaan has spread our messages widely across social media, on television, through articles, blogs, podcasts, public speaking and teaching lessons at schools. He has spoken at the UK House of Commons, with the United Nations and gave a TEDx Talk in late 2020.