About Us

At the age of thirteen, Ishaan Shah (our Founder) saw a documentary which changed his life. He learnt how children around the world were being exploited for labour and sex – being forced into slavery. After talking about the programme the at school, he discovered that none of the people in his year group, 156 students, were aware that slavery still existed today!

It was from that moment that he was committed to raising awareness of slavery and human trafficking in a way young people could understand and engage with it.

In 2017, at the age of thirteen, he founded this organisation, Stolen Dreams, a website and communications organisation to get young people to engage with and actively drive positive action around human trafficking. Since then, we have expanded our work to get young people engaged with tackling gender inequality, climate change, mental health stigma; issues that all effect the rates of exploitation.

We have spread our message widely across social media, blogs, podcasts, through public speaking and teaching lessons at schools.

Our goal is to engage young people in these issues; to get them starting conversations around them and – communicating what are tremendously challenging, complex and harrowing topics, with warmth, compassion and hope.

The services we offer include speaking to young people (aged 7+) about slavery and human trafficking and working with local governments to adopt local, anti-slavery strategies.

We will continue to tackle the barbaric crime of slavery and human trafficking, fight for gender equality and climate action.  

If you would like to contact us, please visit the Contact Us page.